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For anyone who only sees gender and sex in black and white, here’s proof by the lovely humon that nature is just as fluid with representations of gender and sex as we are.

NATURE IS NEAT!!!!!!!1 I haven’t read all these, but I did check out the Spotted Hyena. While it’s something I’ve already heard about, I love seein’ a dominant female species in nature like this~

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    Tumblr, why is this censored now? It was cute drawings of animals and no sexual activity was going on. Someone make a...
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    As far as I can tell from the commentary this is her Animal Lives series, which outlines the mating habits of different...
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    I don’t get it
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    why…why have the images been removed? if I remember correctly, they were drawings of animals…I don’t even think they...
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    aw, i love this edit: being buried deep in my queue, I see now that tumblr has censored this? what in the actual fuck?...
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    How the FUCK does this violate any guidelines for anything?!
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    … the fuck are you smoking, Tumblr? I remember this one, and it’s … pretty damn tame.
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    WHY WERE THEY REMOVEDDDD some one please tell me in ask cause gonna be flooding with organizing likes…but what fucking...
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